The fourth-generation Toyota Prius first broke cover in Las Vegas just a few months ago. Since that time, opinions has been split on the reinvigorated eco-car. Whether you’re a lover or hater of the all-new Prius, Toyota has released this new video dubbed “Beyond Possible – Follow your heart” to convert the latter to become the former, and keep the faithful entertained.

In the sub two-minute clip, we are first introduced to a Prius that is in the midst of being put together. Shortly after, we are told the car will “awaken the senses” before being shown glimpses of the car’s exterior design, which is said to be inspired by Lady Gaga herself.

This is followed by what we presume to be a professional driver walking towards and getting into the car, as he will soon “push the boundaries” of what a Prius can do. If you were expecting a fuel-saving cruise sequence, this video will disappoint you severely.


Resembling a variation of Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series, the Prius goes on a charge on the roads, power-sliding across asphalt or gravel. During the action-packed sequence, Toyota has included some pre-production test footage to highlights among other things, the car’s low drag coefficient of 0.24, winter testing and its new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

However, this isn’t just a video that places an emphasis on the wild side of the Toyota Prius. The Japanese automaker also instilled a bit of subliminal messaging related to the environment-loving vehicle, as you can tell at the 1:33 mark of the video.

So, if you’re tired of the common “Chris Harris drifting a LaFerrari” type of video, this should serve to be a worthy alternative, don’t you think? We hope for Toyota’s next action-packed eco-car stunt, the company takes its Mirai on a drifting exercise as well.