We’ve all seen this (annoying) occurrence before – a handicap parking spot occupied by an inconsiderate, able-bodied driver. Unfortunately, it’s a worldwide issue that one Russian non-profit organisation decided to address in a campaign, involving the use of a hologram, as seen in the video above.

According to the video, 30% of drivers in Russia tend to ignore signs marked on the ground. Dislife, the organisation in question, has ingeniously found a way to deter such behaviour. The stunt utilises special cameras that can verify a disabled sticker on the windscreen. Upon detecting the absence of said sticker, a hologram would appear to face up against the driver.

The “hologram” here is achieved though the dispersion of a thin layer of air, saturated with water. A moving image of a disabled person, is then projected onto the layer. The 3D-like image will attempt to dissuade the driver from parking in the handicap spot. “Stop! What are you doing? I’m not just a sign on the ground,” the hologram exclaims, followed by an earful for the driver.

It is installed at various shopping malls and business centres in Moscow, Russia, including Aviapark – the largest shopping mall in Europe. From the looks of it, the campaign really brought drivers to a halt, as the video shows that many got out of their cars – to take pictures.

So guys, rather than the usual “name and shame” on social media, do you think such a tactic will work over here in Malaysia? Share with us your thoughts on this unusual strategy, below.