Now that the all-new W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is out in the open, it’s time to turn our attention to the other body styles that are expected to join the sedan in the model’s line-up. This time, it is the coupe version of the W213, which our spy photographers managed to capture as it undergoes winter testing.

As you can tell, Mercedes-Benz has gone to great lengths to wrap the entire car in heavy camo, as well as adding on false body panels to ensure no design element of the coupe is revealed prematurely.

Based on what we can see on the test mule, the new E-Class Coupe appears to feature the same hood design as found on the sedan, and will most likely carry over the same front end with minor revisions to project its more sporty persona.

Along the side, the coupe element is clearly apparent with a raked roofline that starts from the B-pillars and continues on to the rear of the vehicle. Based on these images, the E-Class Coupe does appear to have a smaller window area as a result.

The roofline extends towards what looks to be a spoiler element, although given the amount of camo, and how awkward-looking the fixture is, we reckon it will be reworked for the final production version.

At the rear, a small part of the W213’s tail lights can be seen, but it is uncertain if they have been revised in terms of size to accommodate the reworked roofline of the vehicle. The same can be said of the tailgate as well, though it appears unchanged from the sedan.

As for the other elements that weren’t covered up, the E-Class Coupe retains the same side mirror design found on the sedan with built-in indicators. The blacked-out roof also appears to mask a sunroof based on what we see.

At the time of its reveal, the W213 E-Class was offered with just two engines – one diesel and one petrol, with more to be introduced in the future. Both 2.0 litre mills are paired to the latest 9G-Tronic torque converter automatic transmission. The coupe E-Class is expected to follow suit as well.