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Honda will introduce an all-new plug-in hybrid model in North America by 2018. The announcement comes following a recent press conference by the company’s president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo. In his speech, Hachigo also revealed that the Japanese carmaker will make plug-in hybrid type powertrains available for major models and increase the number of models in stages.

The move is in line with the company’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions, and will be executed in parallel to the continued adoption and advancement of its downsized turbocharged engines. For now, no details on the future plug-in hybrid model were revealed.

One of possibilities of the all-new plug-in hybrid model could come in the form of the next-gen Honda Accord. The US market never received a plug-in hybrid version of the D-segment sedan, and got the Accord Hybrid instead. Visitors to the 2013 KL International Motor Show would have remembered the plug-in hybrid Accord being previewed then.


The Accord Hybrid was previously announced to be discontinued after the 2015 model year in the US. However, it is set to return to the market in the middle of this year as a 2017 model, fitted with a second generation two-motor hybrid system. Other models that could receive electrification include the Civic and other major models.

Honda is aiming for two-thirds of its overall unit sales to come from plug-in hybrid, hybrid and zero emissions vehicles in the future. With this announcement, it certainly appears to be focused on this goal. The electrification strategy also extends to its other machines, including motorcycles and lawn mowers.

GALLERY: Honda Accord Hybrid at the 2013 KL International Motor Show