2016 Honda MSX125SF Grom HRC (1)

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), the racing division for Honda, has produced racebikes with outstanding performance, from top-flight GP bikes to bonkers moto-crossers. It was something of a surprise to find that the power-meisters at HRC had set their sights on the 2016 Honda MSX125F – also known as the Grom – and turned it into a race weapon for the HRC Trophy Series competition.

According to a Motorcycle News report, HRC took the four-stroke, single-cylinder 124 cc engine from the MSX125F, and tuned it to within an inch of its life. In addition to the (unspecified) engine work, the miniature racebike also got two-stage fuel injection, a quickshifter, pit-lane speed limiter and a new exhaust.

HRC will be selling the MSX125SF as a complete customer racebike for the HRC Trophy in Japan. No word on pricing, but considering the standard and quality of HRC work and components, don’t expect it to be cheap.

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