Toyota has announced that it will launch Toyota Connected, Inc, a collaboration with Microsoft to expand the company’s mobile and data analytics capabilities. The new company acts as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations, and will encompass a wide range of initiatives, including mobility.

Using the power of data science through Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology, Toyota aims to “humanise the driving experience” by making technology more behind-the-scenes rather than overwhelming the user.

The new venture will be led by Zack Hicks, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Connected and Chief Information Officer at Toyota Motor North America. “Toyota Connected will help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity,” said Hicks.

“From telematics services that learn from your habits and preferences, to use-based insurance pricing models that respond to actual driving patterns, to connected vehicle networks that can share road condition and traffic information, our goal is to deliver services that make lives easier,” he added.

All-new HiLux interior (pre-production 4x4 Turbo Diesel Double Cab SR5 model shown with optional leather accented interior)

Of course, drivers will be able to opt out of such services, similar to what smartphone users experience (Google Now for instance). However, should the products prove to be popular, it may encourage its usage and more importantly, its adoption.

Toyota Connected will be based in Plano, Texas, and will launch with two mandates – delivering seamless and contextual services, and using cutting-edge data analytics to support product development for customers, dealers, distributors, and partners.

Not limiting its potential, the company will also build upon its existing partnership with Microsoft to accelerate research and development efforts to deliver new connected car solutions.