The Grand Tour-01

At long last, Clarkson, Hammond and May have finally come up with a new name for their show and it’ll be called “The Grand Tour” (GT). Previously suggested with the name “Gear Knobs,” the latter was taken off the list due to trademarking issues, the Telegraph reports.

“Thing is, we’ll be travelling the world hosting each episode in a different country, from a giant tent. It’s a sort of ‘grand tour’, if you like. So we’ve decided to call it ‘The Grand Tour’,” Clarkson said of the new show, which will be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Meanwhile, James May suggested that he wanted to have the show named “Nigel” or “Roger,” while Hammond agreed with “The Grand Tour” name because, well, he “loves camping.”

“After nine months of deep thought, debate and deliberation, the guys have come up with a name that reflects the global ambition of the new show. The Grand Tour will be one of the most anticipated TV launches ever, and we’re excited to be bringing it to Amazon Prime customers around the world this autumn,” said Jay Marine, VP of Amazon Video Europe.

Before this, the presenters also went out to their fans asking them to help give their show a new title. Names suggested include ‘No Limits’, ‘Dip Sticks’, and ‘The Best Car Show… In the World’.

In some ways, the new name didn’t come cheap either. Prior to this, Clarkson wrote in a column, “every morning, I’d make a £7,000 (RM40k) call to the lawyer with an idea, and every afternoon I’d get a £7,000 reply saying it was already in use by someone in New Zealand or France or Ukraine.”

So guys, what do you think of the show’s new name?