BMW i8 Futurism Edition-6

To mark the premium German brand’s entry into the Italian market in 1966, a special BMW i8 Futuristic Edition has been unveiled. The model comes with a unique livery, with a pattern inspired by the oil painting known as “Street Light” by futurist Giacomo Balla, which dates back to 1909.

It’s not an official edition by BMW, but the project is actually a collaboration between Garage Italia Customs and BMW Italia. The Futurism Edition not only marks BMW’s entry into Italy five decades ago, but is said to summarise the concept underlying the i8 and the whole BMW i philosophy.

“There was immediate synergy with BMW Italia. The very first time we met for the i8 Futurism Edition project, Garage Italia Customs and the BMW brand both share, in fact, all the values connected to technology evolution and the continuous search for innovation in their specific sectors,” said Lapo Elkann, president and founder of Garage Italia Customs.

“The BMW i8 Futurism Edition is a practice of style. It gave the Garage Italia Customs Maestros a chance to celebrate a car which is projected towards the future of mobility. At the same time, it honours Italian art with Giacomo Balla, who is a prominent figure of the Futurism movement,” Elkann added.

According to BMW, a tailor-made film was used on the BMW i8 bodywork. The Futurism art movement was chosen as it is known all over the world for its “enthusiasm for modernity” which praises the car as a “symbol of technological evolution.” It’s also why the BMW i8 was chosen as a canvas.

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