The new BMW 5 Series is looking pretty close to completion – our European spy photographers have spotted the next-generation model in G30 sedan, G31 Touring, G32 Gran Turismo and F90 M5 sedan guises, all in what looks to be near-production trim and with not a lot of disguise covering them.

These photos give us a closer look at all four bodystyles – we’ve seen the sedan with this little camouflage applied before (and with an interior view at that), but that was on an prototype in M Sport trim instead of this standard variant. As for the rest, this is our first time getting this clear a idea of what they’ll look like.

BMW’s evolutionary approach with the design of the G30 was clear from the moment we saw the first mules, and these images really drive home the car’s similarity in surfacing and proportions to the current F10. You’ll have to look at the front to really tell for sure that this is indeed a new car.

At the front, the G30 adopts BMW’s new face, with large, three dimensional kidney grilles (with Active Air Stream technology à la G11/G12 7 Series) that flow into the headlights. Speaking of which, the lamps look almost comically large and come in either xenon or LED forms – the latter gets reshaped “corona ring” LED daytime running lights that look the ones seen on the facelifted F30 3 Series.


The standard variant gets a full-width horizontal air intake as on the current model, but now with inverted L-shaped corners integrating the new rectangular LED fog lights and Air Curtain inlets. The more aggressive M Sport model gains a U-shaped centre intake flanked by two smaller ones, as well as more prominent Air Curtain slots in the corners.

Moving back, the Air Breather vents make their first appearance on a 5 Series, placed aft of the front wheel arches. New door mirrors from the G11/G12 7er are also fitted, while at the rear, there are the trademark L-shaped LED tail lights and new twin trapezoidal exhaust outlets (likely limited to six-cylinder models). The M Sport variant adds a separate rear diffuser section, likely in a contrasting dark grey finish.

The M5 adds a sportier slant with massive front air intakes, wider wheel arches, a larger rear diffuser and purposeful quad exhaust exits. The unique fender vents have been hidden from view on this prototype, and the car also sports the same wing mirrors as the rest of the lineup, instead of the shapelier units usually found only on M models.

It is unclear whether the regular door mirrors will only be seen on the development mules, or that BMW M has actually done away with unique mirrors – its most recent model, the M2, also makes do with standard mirrors. We’re hoping that it is the former.

As with the current GT, the new one sports a different outlook compared to the sedan and Touring variants, with a different front and rear fascia. It certainly sports a sleeker, more handsome profile than the ungainly outgoing model, although quite why the rear deck is so tall is beyond us.

Under the metal, the new 5 Series is expected to share the new 7 Series’ Carbon Core construction, utilising carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium to shed around 100 kg off the portly F10.

Powertrain options should include BMW’s new range of four-cylinder and straight-six turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid variant similar to the 740e and X5 xDrive40e. BMW’s new 1.5 litre three-cylinder engine could even find its way in, considering the expected weight savings. The F10’s six-speed manual gearbox and ZF eight-speed automatic should remain available.

As for the M5, expect it to feature the same 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 as before, albeit breathed on for yet more power. The revised engine will reported put out as much as 626 hp, 26 more horses than even the hotted-up F10 M5 30 Jahre – itself up 40 hp over the standard car.

The engine should be hooked up to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (M DCT), sending power to the rear wheels via an Active M Differential – all carried over from the F10. The F90 is also expected to gain an xDrive all-wheel drive system as an option, presumably to compete against the upcoming W213 Mercedes-AMG E 63 – rumoured to be 4Matic-only for the first time.

SPYSHOTS: G30 BMW 5 Series

SPYSHOTS: G31 BMW 5 Series Touring
SPYSHOTS: G32 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo