Honda recently revealed the all-new Honda Civic Hatchback, and it is known that the model will be offered for sale in ASEAN markets. However, does that include Malaysia as well? Well, not likely is the answer, according to Katsuto Hayashi, managing director and CEO of Honda Malaysia.

During a Q&A session at the media test drive of the tenth-gen Honda Civic Sedan, Hayashi, when asked about the prospect of Malaysians being offered the Civic Hatchback, had this to say:

“My understanding is the market demand is not enough to introduce the hatchback but, of course, selling cars is our business. So, if the market demand is there in Malaysia, we will think about it but currently, I’m not sure.”

ASEAN markets that appear set to receive the Civic Hatchback include Thailand and Indonesia, with the former being a place of production for the model. As for the latter, Hayashi explained that sedans are taxed higher than hatchbacks in Indonesia, making it only logical to introduce the hatchback there.


“In Indonesia, the situation is completely different. The main car body style in Indonesia is the hatchback. The tax scheme is different from Malaysia, so the price for hatchbacks are much lower than the sedan, so that’s why they are introducing the hatchback there,” he said.

Sedans in Indonesia are subjected to luxury tax, where sedans with an engine below 1,500 cc are taxed 30%, those with 1,501 to 3,000 cc engines are taxed 40% and exceeding 3,000 cc is 70%. Hatchbacks meanwhile, are taxed at just 10%.

There you have it, if you are very interested in the Civic Hatchback, you’ll have to make your voices heard enough to warrant Honda Malaysia to bring the model in, but for now, there doesn’t appear to be any concrete plans.

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