Some of you may remember that Mazda built a mid-level sports car to sit between the MX-5 and RX-7 called, predictably, the MX-6. Built over two generations across two decades, it was a front-wheel drive coupé based on the 626, and it never had the staying power of its two stablemates, having last been produced in 1997.

However, the nameplate could see a return in the future, as Hiroshima has applied for a trademark of the “Mazda MX-6” name at the Japanese Patent Office. The filing, which was retrieved by American automotive portal AutoGuide, was for the use on “automobiles and parts and accessories thereof” and was dated October 16, 2018, pointing to a potential resurrection.

Of course, a trademark application is a long, long way away from some kind of confirmation, and could simply be a case of Mazda protecting its properties. The publication did note that the badge could end up on Mazda’s yet-to-be-named standalone electric vehicle, although that would be unlikely given that Australian website Drive reported that the EV will not be a sports car.