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I was in a taxi, two days ago, at night. The taxi was from Sunlight with ID No. 12XX (in case you think I fabricated this). The taxi driver was a Indian/Malay man.

We got to talking about the traffic, which route to take and etc. There is a rather annoying sound coming from the car, a whirring and revving sound far louder than normal. I saw that his speedometer is not moving. He proceeded to explain “Hey, sorry ah sir. My car is very noisy. This “eng, eng, eng whrrrr” is very irritating one. The cable for the speedometer lah. It is broken already.” The speedometer cable attached to the car is broken. It is still spinning but the speedo indicator is stationary.

And he went on to say, he drove a cab for 11 years already. Then I asked, “Is Proton a good car?” He replied “Proton is cheap to maintain.” The speedometer cable, is RM10.00 for one, and installation is RM8.00. He asked me, “Do you know how many times I have to change the cable for the last 5 years?” I said I don’t know. He said “10 times!!” Oh my goodness.

He was driving a Toyota Corrola as his taxi before the damn Govt changed its policy and made it compulsory for all cabs to be the national junk. He said, he drove the Corrola for 6 years and he said, he didn’t have to change the cable at all. But, he did it once, because at the end of the 6 years, the cable was a little thin, so he changed it voluntarily. Cost, RM30.00. Then he said “Proton cheap ah? 5 years change 10 times. 10 times RM18.00 is how much already? The Toyota need to change 1 time only! And the cable, not even broken! I change because it is Halus already!” Man, what the ***** is proton doing?

He said that people keep buying protons because most people have no choice. If you look at a normal guy, earning around RM2000.00 a month, he cannot afford a Toyota, Honda when the monthly instalment payment is RM1000.00 per month. He is forced to buy a Proton because the monthly instalment is only RM500.00 or so a month, be it a Wira, Iswara or whatever. If he buys a Toyota, he cannot survive with RM1000.00 per month considering his wife, girlfriend or whatever. He concluded, if he has money, he will NEVER buy a Proton, not even a Gen.2. I just listened.

As I got nearer to my house, he continued to talk about Proton. 5 years ago, 2 weeks after he got delivery of his taxi, Proton Iswara from EON, the gear would not shift into 2nd (manual car). He got bloody pissed and went back to EON SC. The guys there changed his gearbox oil and serviced the gearbox. Gave him a bill for RM50.00. He screwed the ***** at the SC and said “OI! You gilakah? I baru ambil kereta 2 minggu, bukan dalam warranti kah???!!! You bagi bill kepada saya punya boss. I tak akan bayar!” Warranty was for 3 years, apparently does not cover gearbox oil replacement due to gearbox problem caused by manufacturer fault. “I told the people there, give the bill to my boss, I won’t pay! What warranty? All bohong punya. Government bluff people only.”

Well, I got to my house. I paid him some tips and got off.

As you can read, this IS a true account of a real everday malaysian, using a Proton Iswara. A man, making ends meet with his taxi, live or die with his taxi. Makes you wana ditch that piece of shite called Proton and walk right?

Proton owners, anything to say? I am sure your loyalty is undying and completely bomb proof. Kinda silly ain’t it?