Rumours are going around that after midnight tonight the prices of diesel in Semenanjung Malaysian are going to be up by 5 cents. Probably due to the diesel shortage lately? Don’t know. Thank goodness it’s not a petrol price hike, YET! Petrol now costs about RM1.42 for RON97 and RM1.38 for RON92 per litre if I am not mistaken. Or was there another hike before that? Forgot, hehe.

Petrolheads shouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief. Not yet, never. The Ministry of Finance wants to gradually stop subsidising petrol in Malaysia. If they had it their way, petrol would cost way above RM2 per litre now.

They’ve announced that they will gradually hike the price and remove the subsidy so that Malaysians would slowly get used to it and not feel the hit so much. Comparitively, Singaporean motorists pay RM3.37 per litre. But one must not forget that their standard of living and basic salary is higher than Malaysians so it isn’t so painful to them as a RM2 per litre petrol price.

Sigh, the future looks like a turbodiesel future. Big ass amounts of torque. But with the diesel shortage these days, that’s a big headache too.