I found this image from the Cari Chinese forums.

(Click for larger image)

It shows 2 Proton Savvys, 1 Satria Replacement Model (SRM24) and a sports car road testing on a highway. I like what I see so far on the body shape of the Satria Replacement model.

We can assume that the SRM24 will be using an engine from the Campro family as the only reason Proton used a Renault for the Savvy is because it did not have any suitable Campro for that size/displacement. But I wonder if the SRM24’s Campro will really have Campro. Also, any possibilities for turbocharged Campros? Proton has had turbocharging experience with EON Motorsports’ turbokit for their Mitsubishi engines.

If anyone has anymore information on the Satria Replacement Model, or SRM24, please drop an email or a comment.