Went to survey the new petrol prices at Petronas ten minutes ago, at 12:40AM. Wanted to pump my car’s tank to a full tank with the new price as I was eager to queue up with everyone else before midnight.

When I reached the Petronas near my place, I found that the prices was still the old prices. So I asked the petrol station attendants and they said that the price would only take effect at 7AM tomorrow. And they told me the hike is only 5 cents instead of the 20 cents which was rumoured.

When I got home, I discovered from SK that TV news reports had reported that it’s just a hoax. But I didn’t watch the TV reports myself so I can’t be 100% sure myself.

I’ll wait till tomorrow morning to confirm.

Anyway a petrol price hike is inevitable. Everyone better be prepared. Time to get a motorcycle!