First it was the rally scene, now it looks like the Malaysia will some of lose it’s exposure in the Formula 1 scene too. Good thing we are still hosting 1 of the races so it isn’t too bad.

Petronas is considering transferring it’s Sauber sponsorship to BMW, which recently bought over the Swiss team. Petronas has been involved in Formula 1 for the 10th year now.

The Sauber Formula 1 car’s current paintjob.

It’s just too bad. I think the Petronas green looks really nice on the car. At least I can still see it on the BTCC Proton Waja and the Petronas FP1 superbike too.

But we have to view this piece of news in both a “half-full, half-empty glass” point of view. It could mean Petronas will transfer sponsorship to the new team, or terminate sponsorship.

Half Empty: Reuters via Yahoo! News

Half Full: PitPass via SportsNetwork