This basically sums up why Malaysian car-owners try to avoid Proton as much as possible.

Customer complaints are sidelined, the product has quality issues from Day One, product efficiency plummets before its time due to the lower tolerance levels of its parts, after-sales service lines are long, parts become more expensive, and of course, the employees become terribly insular and totally customer insensitive.

Read the full letter by a Proton Wira owner Raghu, here at MalaysiaKini.

Now, who was it that said Proton’s market share is dropping because of cheap Korean imports and the likes? Anyone with a right mind would choose a Korean when it’s in the same price range.

Let me ask you this. If Proton did not have the problems which our friend Raghu had mentioned in his letter, would you choose a Proton or a Korean if they were similiarly priced?

I would choose a Proton. I honestly would. In fact, when it comes to 2nd hand cars, I chose a Proton. But Proton has alot to change.