Formula One will switch to 2.4 litre V8 engines in 2006. Cosworth has already begun dyno testing it’s V8 engine. The engine revs all the way up to 20,000rpm where the electronic rev limiter kicks in.

Click here for a video of the Cosworth V8 undergoing dyno testing.


Currently Formula One engines use 3.0 V10 naturally aspirated engines. Some of the teams will be allowed to continue using 3.0 V10 engines with rev limiters temporarily as cost-cutting measures while they develop new V8 engines. The V10 engines normally rev up to 19,000rpm currently, about 1000rpm lower than the Cosworth V8.

But I wonder who is going to use the engines though. Jordan (known as Midland next season) is now using Toyota engines. Red Bull Racing has decided to switch to Ferrari engines and even Minardi is expected to go for a rev-limited V10 engine instead of the Cosworth V8.

A potential candidate could be Williams.