For those who have been in the dark on Rafidah and the AP Saga, here is a nicely compiled chronology of events by The Malay Mail.

June 28: Proton CEO Tengku Mahaleel Ariffs interview with Oriental Daily appears. He complains the Government is not supporting Proton enough, saying it is being treated unfairly.

June 30: Proton board meets to discuss the interview, and gives Mahaleel two days to explain his comments.

July 4: Proton chairman Datuk Azlan Hashim meets adviser Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

July 5: Dr Mahathir defends Mahaleel for the stand he took. He also brings up “irregularities” in issuance of APs, and says he had asked International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz to investigate how Korean cars were under-declared.

July 7: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says Rafidah was asked to explain the matters raised by Dr Mahathir. She is also to write to Dr Mahathir to explain.

July 19: Rafidah said she was prepared for attacks from anyone at the Umno general assembly on the AP issue. “When they raise it, very good. It will give me the opportunity to explain,” she said.

July 20: Rafidah breaks down in tears at a Press conference when asked to explain her relationship with Dr Mahathir. Describing it as a “father and daughter” bond, she maintained that she had not done any wrong to Dr Mahathir and vice-versa, thus the question of apologising did not arise.

July 21: The speculation in Utusan Malaysia on whether Rafidah would resign from the Cabinet over the AP issue leaves her fuming. “This is a very stupid story. I dont want to comment about that. Why did you highlight it? You all would like to see me step down? If you dont, then dont ask this question. Those people are detractors, so dont.”

After that, the importers who cheat in the declaration of value are identified. PGE fee of 30-38% is charged on makes imported by these AP cheaters.

Source: The Malay Mail