This will be a two-part installment, where first I will talk about the previous incarnations of these sports cars, and later I will introduce to you the new versions coming up soon.

Toyota Supra

The last we’ve seen from Toyota is the Toyota Supra back in 1993. This MKIV Supra was the 4th in it’s generation and it was powered by an in-line 6 cylinder engine in N/A or twin-turbocharged forms. The N/A made 225ps and the turbocharged monster made 280hp. The cars were rear-wheel drive.

Nissan Skyline

This was the last R34 Skyline. The GT-R version of the car was powered by an in-line six cylinder 2.6 litre engine. It had 6 throttles and twin turbochargers. Yes, the venerable RB26DETT. Due to Japan’s regulations, the engine made 280hp but with a simple ECU swap more power could be unleashed easily. The car comes a special all-wheel-drive system that works in rear wheel drive but kicks into all-wheel-drive whenever there’s slip detected.

Honda NSX

The Honda NSX is absolutely orgasmic to drive. The car is powered by a mid-engined 3.2 litre VTEC V6 engine that is pretty tame at low revs but goes crazy past 6000rpm all the way up to a screamnig 8500rpm. The NSX originally featured a 3.0 VTEC V6 engine making 265bhp. Then in February 1998, Honda introduced a new 3.2 litre engine with 277bhp, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. 0-100 takes you 5.7sec.

These monsters have been around for a very long time now. Only the Honda/Acura NSX was being manufactured up till recently when production was stopped.

But they DO have replacements. Otherwise it would be a waste of it’s manufacturer’s F1 involvement (except for Nissan) wouldn’t it? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I am blogging about these 3 cars because later I want to blog about the 3 replacements for these 3 cars. Doesn’t mean the other Japanese sports cars are not ‘legendary’ :P