The piece of news was about something else, but I noticed something strange…

The possible change of owner is bound to create uncertainty at Lotus, which has just embarked on a 10-year plan to transform its prospects and make it financially self-supporting.

Last year, more than 200 people were made redundant in the firm’s engineering division after the loss of a major contract to design a new engine range for Proton.

The engineering division has now been reorganised to focus on winning more smaller contracts. In the past few months it has succeeded in winning more than 50 new projects with more than 30 customers.

What is this new Proton engine range, and how come Proton did not want to use Lotus expertise to help with it?

I looked up the internet for more information and found this.

Two engineers made redundant by Group Lotus are looking to put their skills to good use after establishing a specialist engineering consultancy.

Paul Spinks and Kevin Whitefield were among more than 200 people made redundant by the Hethel-based car maker following the decision by parent company Proton to cancel a major project.

So now we know the new engine range project was cancelled. What was this engine range? Was it supposed to go into the Savvy? Did cancelling it result in Renault engines to be used instead? Or was it another totally unrelated new engine range? Nobody knows.