Carbon fibre is a black fabric weave held together by a transparent resin and weighs one-third to one-fifth the weight of similiar-strength steel. Carbon fibre has had it’s place for a long time in applications such as aerospace and automotive but it is becoming increasingly popular in other fields as well.

Carbon fibre is especially popular in racing, where the material’s unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio and very low weight is essential for high-end automobile racing.

Cars like the Mclaren F1 uses the material all over the car, including the unibody. Other supercars like Pagani Zonda, Enzo Ferrari and Porsche Carrera GT also apply the material to it’s cars.

The BMW M cars use carbon fibre roofs, where layers of carbon fibre are placed in a 1,800 ton press and moulded into a roof that is half the weight of an equivalent steel roof. Having a light roof not only saves weight but lowers the car’s center of gravity. It’s also great to look at.

The Satria R3 uses carbon fibre here and there in the car. I can only recall the spoiler, gear knob and spark plug cover.

The applications of carbon fibre in the automotive world makes even the mention of the word ooze with luxury and performance appeal. It’s also found it’s place in laptops, naturally because it is lighter.

You have to admit it. Carbon fibre is turning into a fashion statement!