Proton seems to be a hot item right now. News is that Volkswagen now wants 50% plus 1 share stake in Proton Holdings Bhd, and wants management control. This would make it the majority shareholder of Proton if the deal goes through. Khazanah Nasional owns 42.7% of Proton and is the current majority stakeholder.

Volkswagen is not the only car manufacturer with eyes on Proton. It’s reported that Hyundai is also interested in using Proton assembly plants, but details are still sketchy at the moment.

My oh my. This is getting interesting. First 30% was too much, even sparking calls for public debate. Now it’s 50% plus 1 share. This deal could cost Volkswagen AG roughly 2.75 billion ringgit for 50%+1 shares at RM10 per share if everything goes through.

Source: Dow Jones, AFP