Everyone says the Johoreans have the most mental and crazy car modifiers in the whole of Malaysia. Here’s some proof to back up that claim. Any KL-ite or Penang-ite got anything crazier than this?

It’s a Volvo 164 I think, from the badge at the back of the car. It has a number plate to match too. A classic beauty restored, then modified like crazy.

Here’s some history on the car. The Volvo 164 was in production from 1969-1975. It had a carburetted 3 litre engine making 148hp to 175hp depending on which model. The car was a real wheel drive and came with either a 4 speed manual or 3 speed automatic transmission.

Look at the number of exhausts on the car. They look like cheap straight flow mufflers to me. But cheap x 10, including piping (assuming all of them work) should cost about 1.5K! Crazy!

Another thing funny about the car is it has words on the back that says both Weber DCOE and Fuel Injection. So which is which? LOL!

The aftermarket meters on the dashboard is probably as many as the exhaust mufflers.

For more facts, figures and photos of the Volvo 164, check this site out.