Khairuddin Mohd Khir received about 10 APs a month in the 1980s but failed to secure any over the past 15 years.

New MITI regulations in 1990 required him to join a consortium of car dealers in order to continue getting APs. But the consortium collapsed. Certain companies were given chances to form second and third consortiums. Not his.

I am a victim of a loophole in the AP awarding system. I did not run an Ali Baba company.

The AP system is due for a revamp by the government. I am not really interested anymore. The result is probably a shift in the AP wealth distribution from the AP Kings to even more smaller AP Kings, or an AP-selling system that benefits the government’s tax coffers. I might sound pessimistic but we are never going to get affordable quality cars here. None of these cabinet decisions ever result in any good for the poor rakyat which are the majority of the voters which actually put that bunch of people up there.