I previously blogged about Karamjit Singh’s plight here. Here is a quote from that blog.

Karamjit will not be participating in the current round, Round 3, which is in Rotorua, New Zealand on the 17th and 19th. Round 4 would be in Hokkaido Japan. But guess where is Round 5s venue? No where else but MALAYSIA! (19-21 August 2005) It would be a shame to see that our own Flying Sikh (Karamjits nickname) cannot even compete in his home grounds because he could not secure sponsorship!

That was back in June. Two months has passed and he still has not been able to get sponsorship for the Malaysian leg of the championship.

He also has to miss the Britain rally because he could not find ANY sponsorship by the closing date on 10th August 2005.

So far in this year’s rally, Karamjit only managed to complete 3 stages with private sponsorship funds as a temporary measure while trying to secure long term sponsorship. Private sponsorship funds don’t really amount to much.

Karamjit is last year’s defending champion and this year he does not even have enough sponsorship to come back and defend his title.

He won the title last year with sponsorship from Proton but they did not even give enough funds to complete the whole championship. The Ministry of Youth and Sports had to give an additional RM500,000 sponsorship. But with this cash he went on and won the championship in both the drivers and manufacturer’s title.

Now that he has missed 4 out of 8 races, there is no more possibility of him defending his title.

Because of all his absense from races due to lack of funds, teh FIA has slapped a USD20,000 fine on him. That’s roughly RM76,000.