Autoworld reports on the R3 Street Shootout at Batu Kawan, Penang. The highlight of the day for the average Malaysian car enthusiast would be the shoot-out between the Proton Savvy and the Perodua Myvi in the “Pre-viagra” leg of the competition.

Modified Perodua Myvi

Ian Khong trashed a stock 1.0 Perodua Myvi and a race-prepared Perodua Myvi 1.3 in his stock-standard Proton Savvy, with only alignment and minimal weight reduction done.

Results with best time (for the Savvy and Myvis only)

1. Ian Khong – Proton Savvy – 82.03 seconds
2. Khairol Sham Mohd Razali – Perodua Myvi – 82.31 seconds
3. Hasrol Hisham – Perodua Myvi – 82.89 seconds
4. Teng Poh Soon – Perodua Myvi – 90.65 seconds

For full results, download this PDF here. Credits to Verne who also participated in the event as an R3 sponsored driver. Congrats man! His blog has first hand experiences as a participant in the event. Head on to read his posts if you are interested to find out what it’s like.

Perodua Myvi Track Car – Source

Teng drove the stock 1.0 Myvi while Khairol and Hasrol drove the track-prepared Myvi. Their modified Myvi was extensively modified including a roll-cage, a stripped down interior, bodykits and spoilers and semi-slick tyres. There are also talk of engine and suspension modifications.

Weight reduction to the Savvy only consisted of taking out the spare tyre and jack and removing the headrests from the seats. Suspension and tyres were stock. If you check out the photos properly (click thumbnail to enlarge), you will see it’s the same car in the Autocar UK Proton Savvy review by Denis Wong! A clearer photo of the numberplate available at Autoworld’s article.