Honda’s interior for the 2006 Civic is screaming unorthodox. You thought centre dashboard meters were weird, but Honda has implemented a dual-tiered dashboard for this incarnation of the Civic.

The top tier or “level” features a digital speedometer, a fuel gauge and an engine temperature gauge. Honda says putting it at the very top closest to the windshield minimizes eye movements for the driver, letting them focus on the road more often. For the Civic Si, the top level also has an LED shift light which starts to blink red from 7400rpm onwards until the 8000rpm redline where it shines a solid amber.

The lower level is in the normal position just behind the steering wheel and it features a tachometer (RPM meter), odometer, warning indicators and in some models, a temperature gauge.

For the Civic Hybrid, the upper level also features fuel economy/mileage calculations and the lower level shows battery statuses.

For top-end models, the centre dashboard console also includes a 6.5″ LCD TFT touch screen which opens and closes to allow access to a single-slot CD player and a memory card reader which supports SD cards, CompactFlash cards and Flash ATA memory cards. The audio system can play MP3 and WMA files from these cards. You can control the navigation system and the audio system via joystick or buttons or via touching the options on the screen since it is a touch-screen.