The Suzuki Swift is a zippy little car that’s on our shores in CBU form. Now the fun little car is going to get even more fun!

Suzuki recently unveiled the Suzuki Swift Sport. The Swift Sport comes in a 5-door hatch version for Japan but is only available as a 3-door hatch in Europe. The car basically has a sportier bodykit over the normal Swift and comes with 16 inch rims standard, with an optional 17 inch upgrade.

The car also receives a performance-optimized suspension which is actually lower, but the end result is not much difference due to the bigger wheels. The front brakes are larger and the rear drum brakes on the Swift are now replaced with disc brakes on the Swift Sport.

The 1.5 M15A DOHC variable valve timing engine in the original Suzuki Swift has been stroked up to 1.6 litres and the compression ratio has been increased to 11:1. These together with other tweakings has put an end result of 125bhp and 109lb-ft of torque in a car that’s slightly over 1000kg. The cable-operated throttle has also been replaced with a drive-by-wire electronic throttle.

The Swift Sport is the base car which Suzuki will be using for it’s Junior World Rally Championship entry so expect an even more souped of that car in commemoration of the WRC entry.

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