This sure takes the cake from the RUF Porsche Cayenne. The TechArt MAGNUM is a Porsche Cayenne with engine and other performance upgrades as well as a new aerodynamic bodykit.

The original 450hp V8 turbo engine (500hp if you take Porsche’s 500hp upgrade option) has been pushed up to 600hp and 865Nm of torque using TechArt’s TA 048/T3 performance kit.

The kit consists of two larger turbochargers, a high performance intercooler, the TechArt sport exhaust system as well as a redesigned intake manifold equipped with a sports air filter.

0 to 100 km/h acceleration takes only 4.5 seconds and from there the speedometer needle continues going up to a top speed of 292 km/h.

The bodykit gives the SUV a wider and lower look. Very “VIP” I must say. I just hope no one tries to put spinner bling bling wheels on this beauty. TechArt has already tastefully provided nice five-spoke 22 inch sports rims wrapped in 295/30/ZR22 Continental ContiSportContact II tyres.

The TechArt MAGNUM will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005 tomorrow.