This is the MINI Concept Frankfurt, a new concept version of the popular new Mini based on the old Mini Traveller launched 45 years ago in September 1960. The old Mini Traveller sold 400,000 units from 1960 to 1982.

The car seems like a stationwagon to me, but notice it does not have a B-pillar. Mini says the car has a smooth coupe-like appearance. Everyone seems to love coupes and SUVs these days.

The concept of the car is making loading and entering the car as easy as possible, which explains the missing B pillar. The doors also come with kinematic joints and springs, and they swivel to the side as well as the front in one single movement. The rear doors swivel backwards like the Mazda RX8.

This concept is powered y the MINI Cooper S engine. The additional air intake scoop and the dual tailpipes clearly indicate the power under the hood. Without a B-pillar, the back windows slide open instead of going up and down into the door panel.