Der Spiegel has reported that Porsche is preparing to purchase 20 percent of Volkswagen AG shares to become the main shareholder in the company.

The main reason behind this? Porsche wants to protect their technological investment in the joint platforms that Porsche has co-developed with Volkswagen AG like the Cayenne/Touareg platform and also their hybrid systems.

These deals for joint-platforms would be endangered if someone engages in a takeover of Volkswagen AG, which is currently in crisis. With this stake purchase, a hostile takeover would be prevented with the combined shareholding of Lower Saxony (18.2%), Volkswagen’s own holding (13.1%) and Porsche’s shares (20%) making up the majority.

This deal would be worth approximately 3 billion euro.

I wonder if this would affect any talks between Volkswagen and Proton.

Source: Spiegel Online