Not sure if stuff like these belong in gadget blogs or a car blog! Jaguar has showcased it’s new Pyrotechnic Pedestrian Deployable Bonnet System used on the Jaguar XK.

When your sleek new Jaguar XK hits a pedestrian, what happens is some minor explosives pop up the 40 pound bonnet up a few inches to create a cushioning effect between the engine and the bonnet. This is to isolate the pedestrian from all the hard points in the engine bay. All of this happens in 30 miliseconds.

Video of the active deployable bonnet system in action

This active deployable bonnet system is part of measures to meet a new European safety legislation. The legislation requires that car manufacturers commit to introducing in two phases active and passive pedestrian safety mechanisms in their cars.

This active bonnet system allows the bonnet design to be lower and sleeker, rather than bulging due to the inches of cushioning space required for pedestrian safety. With this system, the extra space is only created when needed. The system also has logic to differentiate inanimate objcets such as traffic cones from pedestrians.

I wonder what are Proton’s plans for this since their cars are exported to the UK.

Source: Ford Media