This is the Jiangling Motors Corporation’s Landwind X6 four wheel drive which was recently shown at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The 4WD has been brought into the European market for the first time lately and naturally it has to go through European NCAP tests.

You would think how bad can it be, it’s a huge four wheel drive SUV after all.

The results of the German ADAC test which is comparable to European NCAP safety standards in areas of passanger cabin protection was ZERO out of 5. It was so bad that even airbags were deemed useless. The passenger cabin completely collapsed on collision.

I hope the Dadi SUVs and trucks that are going to be released in Malaysia soon do not suffer from this poor safety.

Crash Test Video – Passenger cabin view.
Crash Test Video – Side profile view
Crash Test Video – re-tested by TUV