Those who hoped proposal to raise the highway speed limits to 120km/h are in for a disappointment, as Minister of Works Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the government had rejected the proposal and will not entertain anymore proposals on the speed limit as it is final.

The Cabinet had earlier agreed to the proposal to raise the speed limit, but rethought it’s decision due to high accident rates.

Earlier this month, the Transport Ministry released the list of speed-trap camera spots in effort to reduce accidents during the balik kampung season.

These speed trap cameras are installed along accident prone areas. While this move is very unorthodox, it has it’s purpose.

If the drivers know these high-risk areas have speed traps, they will slow down and thus the accident rates will go down. Excellent reason, shows that the government is focusing on lowering death tolls during the balik kampung season rather than collecting revenue from speed summons.

Source: NST, Bernama