The qualifying session of the A1GP PROTON Pro Celebrity Race was completed without a hitch today. All 12 cars have qualified, and times were consistently faster compared to the practice session yesterday.

In case many of you wonder which R3 cars were used to race as all 150 limited edition Satria R3s have been sold out, Race Rally Research had actually specially prepared 12 Proton Satria R3 1.6 for this race. Yup, 1.6 instead of 1.8.

Tengku Djan, which scored the fastest qualifying time said, “Tomorrow’s race is going to be a lot of fun. The drivers are definitely much faster as they’ve become comfortable with the cars and the track. Since all the cars are virtually equal in terms of horsepower and handling it’s going to be close all the way to the end.”

Malaysian actor and celebrity, Norman Hakim said, “My crew have been fantastic and the car is great, I’m really excited about tomorrow. This will be the first time we’re all lined up together on a starting grid and it would be very interesting to see what will happen. Sure its all fun and games in the pits but on the track tomorrow I’m positive everyone will try very hard to finish first.”


A1GP PROTON Pro Celebrity Race Starting Grid:

Pos 1 Car 12 Tengku Djan Ley MAS
Pos 2 Car 7 Tuka Rocha BRA
Pos 3 Car 11 Jan Lammers HOL
Pos 4 Car 4 Akhbar Ebrahim IND
Pos 5 Car 5 Aaron Lim MAS
Pos 6 Car 6 Christian Jones AUS
Pos 7 Car 2 Karamjit Singh MAS
Pos 8 Car 1 Ila Ridak MAS
Pos 9 Car 10 Steven Watson KSA
Pos 10 Car 9 Mazlan (Lan Pet Pet) MAS
Pos 11 Car 3 Norman Hakim MAS
Pos 12 Car 8 Sheikh Maktoum UAE

Photos thanks to R3 Media General Release.