KY, Kenneth and I headed over to Sepang for the A1 Grand Prix practice session yesterday, and we spotted this nicely done up Proton Savvy by the Race Rally Research Team. I assume this is a concept (or final?) design for the Proton Savvy R3’s bodykit, and I must say it complements the car well. Previously you saw this bodykit in black. Here’s one in red. The brighter colour makes it somewhat easier to see the details. The nice Advanti Racing rims are missing though.

There’s basically a front lip, back skirting, side skirting, and a spoiler on the hatch. Look at the side skirts and you will be able to see the R3 logo on it. There were also other nicely done up Protons by the R3 team. What I liked in particular was a Proton Arena with some nicely done paint job using a Satria GTi bumper. Looked really good.

You can click each of the photos in this post for a larger photo.

Photographs taken by KY.

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