Nissan Motor Co has decided the new R35 Skyline GT-R will be sold in the US under the Infiniti brand, as the Infiniti GT-R.

Nissan executives have been battling for the Skyline to debut with a Nissan badge instead of an Infiniti badge because the Skyline is known to be a Nissan globally, and in games such as Gran Turismo. But studies have shown that sales might suffer if a premium sports car has a Nissan badge on it. The Nissan badge generally commands a lower price tag than Infiniti’s.

The Volkswagen Phaeton suffere the same fate, though it’s a great luxury car people preferred spending money on the Audi A8 to get the more prestigious Audi badge.

The ability to command premium pricing is important as the car will have a sticker price of USD$65,000. It will have all-wheel drive and horsepower figures upwards of 400.

More photos of the GT-R PROTO available here.