A team of engineers at Keio University led by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu has developed this 8-wheeled electric car called the Eliica. Eliica stands for ‘Electric Lithium-Ion battery Car’ and it has some pretty impressive performance statistics.

With 600kW of power on tap, 0-100km/h only takes 4 seconds and 0-160km/h takes 7 seconds – this means it’s acceleration times are faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo. During a test on the Nardo high-speed test track in Italy, the Eliica managed to record a top speed of 370km/h, though theoretically it could touch 400km/h on smoother roads. What makes this car excellent on windy tracks is it runs on a single gear, so acceleration is very linear.

The Eliica is more than 5 meters long, shaped like a bullet and stores it’s batteries and motors low in the chassis, creating a low centre of gravity. It is also low for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, which means headroom is limited. No one taller than 178cm can fit in the car which rules me out since I’m about 181cm.

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