What is an Autocross? Unlike conventional head-to-head racing, an autocross is a form of relatively low-speed grassroots motorsports competition done in a time attack fashion with a sole car vying to do it’s best time possible around a circuit. It’s a form of precision driving.

It is usually held in parking lots with the course marked with traffic cones. Autocrosses are typically divided into a few classes, ranging from K-cars to classes divided by engine capacity, and also an open class.

It’s a very good way to know your car better. How it reacts in different situations, it’s handling capabilities, traits and limits. Cars with short wheelbases generally do well in autocrosses as they’re easier to maneuvere around the tight corners of an autocross track.

If I’m not mistaken, Proton R3’s Street Shootout is a form of autocross here in Malaysia. There are also different variations of the same time attack precision driving race like autotesting, autokhana and gymkhana.

Some of the tracks even involve reversing. For this, hardcore racers will equip their cars with special automatic gearboxes that can shift from forward to reverse really quick.