I’m sure most of you remember the company EDAG Engineering + Design AG , which made the green EDAG Show Car No. 8 which I blogged about back in September last year based on the Smart Roadster.

EDAG has done it again with the Pontiac Solstice Wagon Concept, turning a hot roadster body into a shooting brake and even giving it a hard top for those who don’t really like soft tops.


The original Pontiac Solstice had a soft top roof which retracted into a flap at the rear of the car when the driver wants the open air roadster experience. This modification by EDAG gives the Pontiac Solstice a hard top roof which extends all the way to the back of the car, and a new boot lid. It gives the roadster a whole new look, similiar to what the British would call a Shooting Brake, like Audi’s Shooting Brake Concept.