While the folks at our first national car manufacturer are busy restructuring Team Proton, Perodua is grinning ear to ear at the runaway success of their latest model the Perodua Myvi. The Perodua Myvi has received 80,000 bookings so far, but only 35,000 are on the road due to inability for production to keep up with sales. Average bookings per month have stabilized at a certain figure, but still pretty much piling up at a rate of 4000-4500 new bookings a month. Earlier months sometimes had over 10,000 bookings in a single month. Perodua is working on expanding their production capacity and hopes to reduce the waiting period to 4 months from the current 7-9 months by mid-2006.

As for a new model, Perodua has one up it’s sleeves (I think it’s this model), but it will only launch it in early 2007 in order not to cannibalize it’s Perodua Myvi’s sales. The new model would also have engine capacities of 1.0 litre and below in order not to cut into the Perodua Myvi’s segment. Definitely sounds like either a Kelisa or a Kancil replacement model. I wonder if Perodua will combine the two product lines.