gen2_video.jpgMore Top Gear! Alot of you are going to be very interested in this video. Jeremy Clarkson and the team tests out a bunch of Malaysian and Korean cars. Some of the ‘victims’ include the Hyundai Getz, the Kia Picanto, the Proton Waja, the Proton Gen2, the Hyundai Accent, the Perodua Kelisa and a Kia Magentis known as the Kia Optima here on Malaysian shores.

Apparently a pogo stick is better than a Kia Rio, and the Hyundai Accent should be renamed the Hyundai Accident. couldn’t blame them actually, they test drove a 3-cylinder 1.5 diesel Hyundai Accent that does the 0-100km/h in 19 seconds.

Top Gear actually liked the Proton Gen2, but I believe their sentiments is exactly like most of ours here in Malaysia – Proton has got their priorities wrong and should have traded in the Lotus sports-tuned handling with some Toyota-developed door trim.

Best car is the Hyundai Getz, but it’s too expensive and defeats the point of buying a Korean. Which might work well for us here in Malaysia, a Hyundai Getz is not much more expensive than other Korean makes so if you want to go Korean, maybe you want to look at the Getz.