The MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit will be available for viewing at the Geneva Motor Show. This is a limited edition 2000 unit run which is the most powerful production MINI Cooper in BMW’s stables.


The MINI GP is basically a MINI Cooper S fitted with the John Cooper Works GP Kit which comes with £10,000 worth of upgrades if you perform the same upgrades on a standard MINI Cooper S. The MINI GP goes from 0-100km/h in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 235km/h. These nice performance figures come from the performance tune-ups performed by John Cooper Works which results in the engine making 218bhp and 245Nm maximum torque.

The MINI GP is 40kg lighter than the MINI Cooper S, achieved through chassis tweaks. For example, the rear axle arms are now made out of aluminium and alot of the sound dampening material has been taken out, like our own Satria R3. The entire rear seat bench has also been removed, so the car is basically a 2-seater.

The MINI GP has a short wheel base which will make it an energetic zippy drive not just in straight roads but through twists and turns. To help with that, the gearbox is equipped with a limited slip differential. The car also has Dynamic Stability Control and a John Cooper Works sports suspension kit. Braking is provided by John Cooper Works upgraded brakes. Wheels are 18 inchers and they are light!



The MINI GP (MINI Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP kit) will retail for £22,000 and only 2000 models will be built. Out of the 2000, only 444 is for the UK market and 75% of that has already been booked by hardcore MINI enthusiasts.