In one of my previous posts I mentioned DaimlerChrysler’s efforts to restructure and replan Smarts business model, a company which has not turned a profit in almost 8 years. Casualties of the restructuring operation includes the Smart formore SUV and it was rumoured that the Smart Roadster would also be scrapped after it’s production ended at the end of 2005.

Although Smart will not be producing the Smart Roadster anymore, you will still be able to see it around as DaimlerChrysler has sold the rights and production equipments of the Smart Roadster to a British consortium called Project Kimber. Project Kimber was originally formed to bid for MG, but it lost out in that deal to Nanjing Automobiles.

So the Smart Roadster lives on, though I’m not sure if it will be still called the same name. Maybe Project Kimber will license the name too.