nkasmall.jpgNaza Kia Academy Sdn Bhd and Kia Motors Corp signed a memorandum of understanding last Friday to make Naza’s RM 21 million academy one of Kia’s overseas training centres. The Naza Kia Academy will serve as Kia’s Asia Pacific training center.

The Naza Kia Academy is part of the Naza Automotive Complex in Gurun Kedah, of which total investment is worth RM500 million so far. It also hired 1,100 people. Another RM150 million expansion is planned for plant expansion in order to achieve a 4,000 units a month production target.

For more details on the facilities the Naza KIA Academy Overseas Training Center offers, read my previous post here.

Naza also plans sales of 50,000 units this year. It’s sales for 2005 was 32,544 units, up from 21,323 units in 2004. Naza currently produces the Naza Ria, Naza Citra, Naza Sorento, Kia Spectra and Kia Pregio here in Malaysia. The Kia Pregio is also built for export, as KIA uses Naza Automotive Manufacturing as the global production centre for the van. Basically certain people’s allegations that Naza is a rebadge outfit generating no incoming funds for the country is not entirely true, as Naza is bringing in foreign funds through the export of the Kia Pregio.