Mayban Securities Research predicts incentives given by the government to increase competitiveness of the local automotive industry would amount to RM27.5 billion over a 5 year period, which is about RM5.5 billion a year. The government would actually be spending more per year on the automotive industry with this plan, as 5.5 billion expenditure is more than the revenue foregone from excise duty rebates given to national carmakers

Assistance would likely be given to all eligible players, whether local companies, or auto part manufacturers and even non-national assemblers who qualify, although the assistance would likely be less than compared to national carmakers.

Mayban also predicts the form of disbursement or you could say, subsidy, would be according to the amount spent, as well as the area of expenditure. For example, every dollar spent on R&D activities would qualify for a 50 cent grant. Main beneficiaries for this would still be Proton and Perodua.