srm_100306_thumbnail.jpgGoAuto carries some news on Proton’s model timeline for the Australian market, which could give us a guideline on when models will be released on our own shores. Probably take off a few months to half a year from each Australian launch date and we’ll get the Malaysian launch date.

The interview also carries some specifications for the new SRM. Proton Cars Australia MD John Startari says the new SRM will use 1.6 litre Campro engines found in the Proton Gen2 and the Proton Waja Campro. The GTi version is not fully developed yet, but 140kW or 187 horsepower is the current performance target for the hot hatch. It will might be equipped with Eibach performance springs. The SRM’s design is said to take design cues from the Alfa Romeo 147 and the Audi A3.

Here’s the timeline for Proton launches in Australia:

  1. Satria Replacement Model – October 2006
  2. Satria Replacement Model GTi – 2007
  3. Perdana V6 large car – 2007
  4. All-new Jumbuck utility – 2008
  5. All-new Waja – 2008
  6. Large people-mover – 2009
  7. 4WD wagon – 2009

I will have to begin following foreign automotive news more often from now on since Proton seems to like giving foreign journalists nice tidbits of information on future plans. Especially Australia and UK where Proton has relatively significant presence.