6 custom officers are being investigated for assisting car dealers to import vehicles using cloned or fake Approved Permits. Two are assistant directors while the other 4 are rank-and-file officers. These guys earn as much as RM5000 per car. Two Mercedes Benz E240s were seized from businessmen, and investigation proved that the APs used to import those cars were fake. I suppose this answers a question a commenter posed here on my blog a long long time ago, will innocent consumers who bought cars from dealers with dodgy practices be affected by a clamp-down? Yes, they will.

Corruption is not just evident in the luxury car import business. An ex-Proton colour and trim unit chief is currently under trial for accepting a RM90,000 bribe from Ara Borgstena Sdn Bhd to help obtain contracts to supply car seat fabrics for Proton cars. The case will be trialed on May 10.

Corruption seems to be everywhere, from the low-end national cars to the high-end luxury imports. Anything for a quick buck these days eh?

Sources: The Star, NST