Sorry for the lack of blog updates. TMNet Streamyx has been practically unusable for the past week or so.

I’m wondering, is the Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik going to ask us to “change our lifestyle” and depend less on internet access, just like we were told when we complained about high fuel prices?

Never have I seen such widespread performance degradation before. Connections to servers that have local peering like racks in Netmyne and Jaring are also affected. So it couldn’t be an issue of international link. Submarine cable snapped again? Aliens kidnapped the DSLAM switches? Pet goat ate your router?

And you keep is in the dark about what the problem is. All I see on your announcement page is news about some e-mail server maintenance. Who in their right mind would trust their important e-mails to your dodgy servers anyway?

Are you pretending there is no problem and hoping we’ll all get used to this and stop complaining and everything will be alright again? Have you re-allocated funds for infrastructure upgrades into overseas investments and buying new Mercedes Benz E240 sedans now that they are RM40,000 cheaper?

This is just too darn ridiculous. Buck up you GLCs. How are you supposed to achieve your Key Performance Indicators? I do not want to “change my lifestyle” and go back to dial-up.

Bloggers pissed with Streamyx